What is ozone generator?

Ozone generator also called ozonizer, ozone machine or ozonator. It’s a equipment which produces ozone gas. Because of ozone’s strong oxidation, ozone generator has been widely used in waste water treatment, purification of drinking water, decoloration, COD reduction, space and surface disinfection, pharmacy etc.

According to application field, ozone generator can be classified as household ozone generator, commercial ozone generator, industrial ozone generator. Most industrial ozone generators produce ozone by corona discharge. The two main parts of ozone generator are power system and ozone generation system, they determine ozone output concentration, efficiency and stability of operation.

Allied Power technology

High frequency power supply

Allied Power has manufactured inverters over 10 years, with strong R&D capacities in the power supply system. All Allied Power's ozone systems adopt high frequency high voltage power supply, which frequency can reach 20KHz, has low harmonic pollution and a compact structure. It's an improvement on medium frequency technology of traditional ozone generator. With high frequency and high voltage, ozone system will be operated more reliably and more efficiently in the long.

Micro-gap dual corona discharge

Unlike traditional ozone discharge tubes, Allied Power adopts Micro-gap dual discharge technique by using high strength borosilicate glass and stainless steel. It’s diameter as small as 12mm, the discharge gaps is 0.1-0.3mm only. The unique dual gaps guide the gas flows across electrical field on both the inside and outside of the glass tube dielectric to increase discharge area. The electrodes are manufactured completely from inert materials, without the need for fuses or coatings, No need for regular cleaning or replacement of the electrodes, ensuring running efficiency and enhancing the continuous operational safety and reliability.

Large-scale Ozone generator(1Kg/hr to 50Kg/hr)

Large ozone generator can be customized. Equipments designed and manfactured according clients’s special requires, application field and treatment situation.

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