• Dermatology hospital space and purified water disinfection Dermatology hospital space and purified water disinfection

    Project: Dermatology hospital space and purified water disinfection Equipment model: HW—OW-10 ozonated water machine, HW-OS-10 all-in–one ozone generator Ningbo dermatology hospital purchased 1 set HW-OW-10 ozonated water machine for purified water disinfection, HW-OS-10 all-in-one ozone ge...

  • Base oil discolor Base oil discolor

    Treatment amount:35m³/h A company who produce basi oil of lubricating oil, but the oil’s chroma is too high to reach their standards. After adopted Allied Power‘s ozone system, the oil become more clear and the oil’squality still on high level.    

  • University laboratory experiment ozone generator University laboratory experiment ozone generator

    Project: Space sterilization, suface sterilization A University  pharmaceutical laboratory, need stable and adjustable ozone source for experiments. Allied Power’s ozone generator easy operation, adjust by linear, high ozone output concentration meet their requires perfectly.

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