Water treatment more+

Dermatology hospital space and purified water disinfection

Project: Dermatology hospital space and purified water disinfectionEquipment model: HW—OW-10 ozonated water machine, HW-OS-10 all-in–one ozone generatorNingbo dermatology hospital purchased 1 set HW-O


Ozone generator for aquarium water disinfection

Project: Aquarium water disinfectionEquipment model: 4 sets HW-OS-50 ; 1 sets HW-A-300; 2 sets HW-A-500Recently, our 7 sets ozone generator was used for water disinfection in Hangzhou aquarium. Ozone


HW-O-2K Ozone generator system for swine wastewater

Project: Swine wastewater treatmentEquipment model: HW-O-2K ozone generatorIn recent, our company’s one complete set 2kg/h ozone generator was finished installating and debugging. The project is locat


Won the bidding of Russia nuclear power plant wastewater treatment project

Project:Nuclear power plant wastewater treatment projectEquipment model: all modelsIn the eve of new year, we won the bidding of Russia nuclear power plant wastewater treatment project. The project ne


Tannery effluents treatment

Project:  aquaculture water sterilization and circulationWater treatment amount:150m³/hProject: Tannery effluents treatmentWater treatment amount:50m³/h A


Exhaust treatment more+

Perfumes and turpentine industry waste gas treatment

Components of  waste gas: Aromatic hydrocarbons,esterAir flow quantity:1000m³/hA chemical company which produce perfumes and turpentine products, generate high concentrat


Fishmeal and fish feed industry waste gas treatment

Components of  waste gas: hydrothion, ammonia, trimethylamineAir flow quantity:20000m³/h A company who produces fishmeal and fish feed, generates  high concentr


Plastic granulating,circuit boards recycling waste gas treatment

plastic granulating,circuit boards  recycling wasted gas treatmentAir flow quantity:20000m³/h A comany who produces  plastic granulating by reclaimed circuit boards, gene


Casting waste gas treatment

Components of  waste gas: lipids, aldehyde,  ammonia.Air flow quantity:40000m³/hA company which  produces automobile accessory by casting, generate waste g


Chemical oxidation more+

Base oil discolor

Treatment amount:35m³/hA company who produce basi oil of lubricating oil, but the oil’s chroma is too high to reach their standards. After adopted Allied Power‘s ozone system, the oil b


University laboratory experiment ozone generator

Project: Space sterilization, suface sterilizationA University  pharmaceutical laboratory, need stable and adjustable ozone source for experiments. Allied Power’s ozone generator e


Space sterilization more+

Pharmaceutical factory sterilization

Project: Pharmaceutical factory sterilizationEquipment: HW-A-150Zhangzhou PianZaiHuang pharmaceutical Share Co.,Ltd is a listed company, as the loyal and regular customer, they purchased a air source


Candied dried fruit workshop disinfection by ozone generator

Project: Candied dried fruit workshop disinfectionEquipmeny model: HW-A-100FujianTENWOW food (Group) Co., Ltd. is the famous food company in Chian, HW-A-100 ozone generator was used for their candied



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